Fishing implement

by: Thorvaldsen, Sverre;

A stationary spool reel having a cylindrical spooling portion at the forward end and a handle at the back. The spooling portion exhibits a forwardly-open cavity, preferably of circular cross section, whose cross-sectional dimensions and configuration are adapted to the external configuration and dimensions of a casting implement, such that the casting implement can be inserted into the cavity and retained therein in an easily detachable manner.

The invention pertains to a fishing implement which comprises a stationary-spool (crankless) reel and a complementary casting implement, such as a float, sinker or the like, where the reel has a cylindrical forward portion onto which the line is wound and a handle at the back.

This type of reel is a simple tool to facilitate the casting of a float, sinker, spinner or the like, and had its origin in an ordinary tin can with a transverse handle attached at the rearward, open end thereof. Such reels later developed into more finished implements. With this type of reel, a heavy spinner, a sinker or a relatively heavy float can be cast surprisingly far. The stationary-spool reel is held with its axis in the direction of the cast, and the line, which is wound around the circumference of the spool transverse to the direction of casting, runs out easily.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a fishing implement of the above type which forms a compact unit both when being displayed for sale, when stored and when being transported. A further goal is to provide an inexpensive and practical fishing implement which can supplement more expensive casting rods and the like, particularly for the relatively large number of people who do not ordinarily have fishing as a hobby, but who would like to purchase an inexpensive piece of equipment which could more or less be discarded after use. There is a very large market for an inexpensive fishing implement of this type.

The implement proposed to meet these needs is of the type defined introductorily, but is characterized in that the stationary spool onto which the line is would exhibits a forwardly-open cavity, preferably of circular cross section, whose cross-sectional dimensions and configuration are adapted to the external configuration and dimensions of a complementary casting implement, such that the latter can be inserted into the cavity, retained therein, and easily detached therefrom. The various implements can be retained inside the cavity itself or at the opening thereof. In addition, according to the invention the cavity can be provided with internal studs, ribs or the like to facilitate the retention of the casting implements.

A preferred embodiment of the invention is characterized in that the spooling portion of the reel, the handle and any intermediate portion or portions are molded in one piece as a relatively thin-walled body of a suitable material, e.g. thermo-plastic, and that the handle has the form of a rearwardly-projecting hollow stem with a narrowed portion which is adapted for retaining a complementary jig rod or the like.

In accordance with the invention, the reel is provided with a peripheral, radial, external groove, adapted to receive a soft rubber ring for the attachment of hooks. Alternately, this groove can serve to retain a fishing rod which has a holder at one end for attachment in the groove and which is curved such that its forward end lies approximately along an extension of the centerline for the reel.

The invention will be further elucidated with reference to the accompanying drawings, which depict one possible embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a stationary-spool reel in accordance with the invention, seen from the side and in cross section.

FIG. 2 shows the reel of FIG. 1 with a casting implement inserted therein.

FIG. 3 shows the reel of the invention with a casting bob inserted therein.

FIG. 4 shows the reel of the invention provided with a casting spinner rod, and

FIG. 5 shows the reel of the invention provided with a jig rod.

The reel of the invention consists of three main parts: a cylindrical line spooling portion 1 at the front, a handle 2 at the back and an intermediate section 3. These three parts are molded in one piece of plastic such that they constitute a relatively thin-walled body. The reel can be manufactured, for example, by injection-molding of thermoplastic material, or by vacuum- or blow-molding of the same material. If desired, of course, the reel could also be made of some suitable metal. Near the rear edge of the intermediate section, an external groove 4 is provided for a rubber ring. The forward end of the spooling portion 1 has a radially-projecting flange 6.

The spooling portion 1 is not closed at the forward end, but has a forwardly-directed opening 7 which provides access to the inner cavity 8 in the reel. Various fishing implements can be inserted into this cavity, as shown, for example, on FIG. 2, where a combined sinker and fly container 9 has been inserted. This implement has a lead head 10 and a funnel-shaped skirt 11. The outer dimensions of the skirt 11 are adapted to the internal dimensions of the spooling portion 1. The length of the implement is adapted such that the lead head 1 rests in the opening to the handle 2 when the edge of the skirt lies within the opening 7. The implement 9 is thereby securely retained in the cavity 8. Fishing line 12 is wound onto the spooling portion 1, the implement 9 is attached to the line, and a snell 13 with a hook 14 runs from the end of the implement 9 to the ring 5, to which the hook is fastened. In this stored position of the implement 9, the snell lies wedged between the edge of the skirt on the implement and the inner surface of the spooling portion. To improve the retention of the skirt edge on the implement in the cavity, a circumferential rib 15, or studs or the like, can be provided on the inner surface of the spooling portion 1.

On FIG. 3, a casting bob 16 has been inserted into the cavity in the reel, the bob 16 having a forward ring-shaped component 17 made of lead and an internal recess 18 for containing a fishing hook 19. Projecting rearwardly from the float body 20 on the bob is a tubular extension 21 through which a line 22 is threaded and passes between the float and the spooling portion 1 to the line 12 wound around the outside of the spool 1.

On FIG. 4, the rubber ring 5 has been removed, and a casting spinner rod 23 has instead been set into the groove 4 and fastened in an appropriate manner. The fishing rod 23 is curved such that the end ring 24 lies approximately on a line with a central plane through the spooling portion 1 on the reel. This curvature permits the line to leave the reel unhindered during a cast and to be freely rewound onto the spooling portion 1 by hand.

FIG. 5 shows an embodiment in which a jig rod 25 has been inserted into the hollow cavity in the reel. The jig has a handle 26 with a narrowed portion 27 which engages with the narrowed portion 28 inside the handle 2.

As can be seen on FIGS. 2, 3, 4 and 5, the reel together with a casting implement 9 or 16, or with a spinner rod 23 or jig rod 25, complete with hook, line sinker and the like, forms a compact unit, ready for sale and for use. One can thus go into a shop and purchase complete fishing equipment at a modest price. The embodiment examples shows on FIGS. 2 and 3 in particular require very little space, e.g., when travelling, and one could even have such an implement permanently on hand in the car, readily available if one should happen upon a promising body of water and feel like trying his luck.

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